CareSource Foundation

At CareSource, our mission is one we take to heart. In fact, we call our mission our “heartbeat.” It is the essence of our company, and our unwavering dedication to it is a hallmark of our success.

Since 2006, the CareSource Foundation has awarded more than $25 million to nonprofits that are working to eliminate poverty, provide much-needed services to low-and moderate-income families, encourage healthy communities, develop innovative approaches to address critical health issues, and enhance the lives of a diverse array of children, adults and families. We are so proud of our partnerships and ultimately, of the impact we are able to make together. We are Health Care with Heart®

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CareSource Foundation Grant Challenge

A new initiative that recognizes organizations and programs that are making significant impacts on communities’ toughest health issues.

COVID-19 Information

The CareSource Foundation is closely monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak in Ohio and communities where we do business. While we cannot predict what will happen in the months ahead, there are things we can do now to help stop the spread of the virus and support those who are adversely affected. To our health care professionals, first responders, and those who are working at organizations dedicated to helping those who need it most. Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis to keep us safe and healthy!

How the CareSource Foundation is responding

The Foundation has taken several actions and we encourage other funders to consider doing the same.

  • Provided funding to United Way Agencies in the states we do business
  • Released many corporate donations and sponsorship payments early
  • Converted current grants to unrestricted operating funds
  • Suspended or extending reporting requirements
  • Permitted electronic payments where applicable

CareSource also has a number of initiatives that we are implementing with food banks, faith-based organizations, behavioral health and telehealth providers across our states. Additional information about CareSource’s COVID-19 response can be found at