CareSource Foundation GRANT CHALLENGE

The CareSource Foundation has partnered with nonprofits since 2006. Together, we provide much-needed services to low-and moderate-income families, encourage healthy communities, develop innovative approaches to address critical health issues, and enhance the lives of a diverse array of children, adults and families.

In 2021, we launched a new initiative to recognize organizations and programs that are making significant impacts on communities’ toughest health issues. Through the CareSource Foundation Grant Challenge, we hope to inspire innovation on reducing health disparities. This includes moving the needle on health equity, especially for those with special care needs, both health and social.

Each year, winning nonprofits in select states receive awards up to $50,000. The states vary from year to year, and the focus varies by state.


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Competition dates:

August 16th – November 10th, 2021

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Competition dates:

August 16th – November 10th, 2021

Challenge Awards

The winning organization in each state receives $50,000. Second and third place nominees receive $25,000 and $20,000 respectively. Semi-finalist nominees receive up to $5,000.

Prior to public announcement, winning organizations must provide a current W-9 form. A delay in providing required documents could delay payout of the grant awards. Organizations that do not produce these documents in a timely manner may be disqualified from the grant challenge.

Selected organizations must sign CareSource’s award agreement letter, which includes an agreement to provide a short report on how the award is used for informational purposes.

Selection Process

All nominations are reviewed by a CareSource Review Committee, comprised of a cross-functional multi-state panel of experts, and CareSource Foundation staff. The CareSource Review Committee examines all relevant information submitted by the nominees. That way, it can determine which nominees are the most qualified recipients, meet the criteria and best support the goals of this Grant Challenge and the CareSource Foundation mission.

The top qualified nominees, as determined by the CareSource Review Committee, are moved on to a public voting process, which allows communities to determine award winners. CareSource notifies the top nominees that will move on to public voting prior to announcement and provides them with assistance prior to the start of the voting process. During the public voting timeframe, community members can vote for the organization they believe makes the biggest impact on improving health. The public can vote once a day for the duration of the voting period.

Upon completion of the voting period, organizations are notified of the results and Foundation staff work with nonprofits to facilitate public announcements and award presentations.

We make every effort to adhere to our timelines. However, sometimes the process requires more time or an emergency can impact our timelines. If that is the case, we notify nominees of any changes in timing and provide updated timelines.


The CareSource Foundation staff has made available a list of NavigateFrequently Asked Questions. This document is updated on a regular basis with questions we receive from any interested organization.

If you have any questions not listed on this document, please email your question to We will regularly update the FAQs as we receive additional questions.