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CareSource Plans

Our Health Care Plans

CareSource offers managed health care plans for the uninsured and underserved people who need it most. We care more about people than profits, and we have a plan that might be right for you. Our plans include Medicaid and Medicare Advantage as well as our new commercial product, CareSource Just4Me™.

Our health care plans are founded on the principles of quality and service delivered with compassion and understanding. We offer a unique approach to managed care through our process efficiencies and value-added benefits. We partner with health care providers to better serve our members.

CareSource wants to make sure you stay healthy. You complete Health Risk Assessments and can call our 24-hour nurse advice line to help manage your health care. We also provide you with information about providers, covered services, member rights and responsibilities, and your right to appeal any decision and share feedback at any time. And you have access to nutrition, exercise, and budgeting tips through CareSource.com. That’s Health Care with Heart.