Fraud, Waste, Abuse & Overpayment

Our Program Integrity Department handles cases of managed care fraud, waste, abuse, or overpayment. It can be done by providers, pharmacies, or members.

  • Fraud means the purposeful misuse of or for gain of benefits.
  • Waste means overusing benefits when they are not needed.
  • Abuse is action that causes unneeded costs to CareSource PASSE.
  • Overpayment means that CareSource PASSE may be paying for care that is not needed.

Please report it in one of these ways:

You do not have to give us your name when you write or call. If you are not concerned about giving your name, you may also send an email* or fax us. Please give us as many facts as you can. Add names and phone numbers. If we do not get your name, we will not be able to call you back for more information. This will be kept private as allowed by law.

*Others may read your email without you knowing or saying it is okay if your email is not secure. Please do not use email to send a member ID number, social security number or any health information. Please use the form or phone number above. This can help protect your privacy.

Member Services: 1-833-230-2005 (TDD/TTY: 711) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT