State Fair Hearings

A State Fair Hearing is a meeting with you or your authorized representative, someone from CareSource PASSE, and a hearing officer from the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Office of Appeals & Hearings. In this meeting, you will explain why you think CareSource PASSE did not make the right decision and CareSource PASSE will explain the reasons for making our decision. The hearing officer will decide who is right based on the rules and the information given.

If you want a state hearing, you or your authorized representative must request a hearing within 90 calendar days. The 90 days begin on the day after the mailing date on the hearing form. If your appeal was about a decision to reduce, suspend or stop services before you got all of the approved services, your letter will tell you how you can keep receiving the services if you choose to. If the final decision of an appeal or State Law Hearing is not in your favor, CareSource PASSE may ask you to pay back the cost of care you got while the appeal or hearing was pending and when you may have to pay for the services.

You can also ask for a State Law Hearing in writing. Send a letter to:

DHS Office of Appeals & Hearings
P.O. Box 1437, Slot N401
Little Rock, AR 72203-1437

  • Phone: 501-682-8622 (TTY/TDD: 711)
  • Fax: 501-404-4628

The Office of Hearings and Appeals will issue a decision to you or your authorized representative and CareSource PASSE.  If the result of the decision is in your favor, CareSource PASSE will comply with all required timeframes for resolution. 

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