Care Coordination

CareSource PASSE wants you to get the care you need. You are at the center of all decisions. We make sure that all parts of your care are coordinated by a person-centered care team and led by a care coordinator.

Care Coordinator

Your care coordinator is your main point of contact for all of your health and related support needs. They are highly trained to guide you through the person-centered planning process. Your care coordinator may be someone you already know and work with in your community. If you don’t already know them, they will make sure they get to know you, your providers and anyone else involved with your care. You will connect at least once a month with your care coordinator. You can meet more often if you would like. You can always call your care coordinator if you need anything.

Your care coordinator will help you:

  • Learn about your health and your medications
  • Get the medical, home and community based services, behavioral health, and social services that you need
  • Get the support you need to live and work in your community
  • Develop your Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP) with your care team
  • Get the paperwork and appointments in order to maintain your eligibility and benefits

You do not have to wait for your monthly check-in if you need to talk to your care coordinator. You can always contact your care coordinator or call Member Services, and we’ll connect you to our care coordination team. If you need to speak with a care coordinator after-hours, you can call CareSource 24, our Nurse Advice Line at 1-833-687-7305 (TDD/TTY: 711). We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Person-Centered Care Team

Your person-centered care team is built around your goals and choices, and keeps you at the center. You choose who participates on your care team. Your care team may include your family or caregivers, friends or other supports, your PCP, behavioral health provider, waiver provider, specialists, and home health providers. You are in the driver’s seat, working with your care team to develop your Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP). Your care coordinator will work with you to ensure you have the support you need to meet your goals and will help make changes as needed.

Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP)

Your care coordinator will get copies of all your treatment and service plans. They will work with you and your person-centered care team to create an overall plan of care, known as a Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP). Your PCSP says what kinds of services you need, who you get them from, and how often you receive them.

Your care coordinator will keep track of all the services in your PCSP. They will add or change services to meet your needs and help make sure you don’t get more services more than you need. They will also look at the results of your Independent Assessment, also known as the Arkansas Independent Assessment (ARIA), and add some of the information to your PCSP. They may do more assessments to update your plan of care.

Home and Community-Based Services

Home and community-based services help you stay at home and in your community instead of going to a nursing home, hospital, intermediate care facility (ICF), or residential treatment facility. Your care coordinator can help you get and coordinate any home and community based services you need. If you have questions, please talk with your care coordinator or call Member Services.

Member Services: 1-833-230-2005 (TDD/TTY: 711) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT