Patient Care

At CareSource PASSE™, everything we do is centered on improving the lives of our members – your patients.

Our Patient Care webpages provide information and resources that help us work together to provide the best care for our members.

  • Patient Administration – Access the administrative procedures you need to provide patient care.
  • Care Coordination – Learn how our care and disease management programs can help those suffering from complex health conditions.
  • Health, Safety and Welfare – Find behavioral health resources for patients with mental health, substance use and co-occurring medical issues.
  • Pharmacy – Learn about covered drugs, specialty medications, prior authorization and more about prescribing medications for your patients.
  • Health Care Links – Reference nationally recognized clinical practice and preventive health guidelines from CareSource PASSE.
  • Utilization Management – View our utilization management activities including prior authorization, concurrent review, discharge planning and other activities.