Provider Maintenance

Up-to-date contact information is critical to process your claims. In addition, it ensures our directories are up-to-date and reduces unnecessary calls to your practice. This information is also reportable to Medicaid and Medicare.

Update Your Information

Please submit any changes for your practice using the Provider Maintenance Form on the Provider Portal. Simply log in and select “Provider Maintenance” from the left-hand navigation. You can update CareSource PASSE™ with such changes as:

  • Changing an address or phone number
  • Adding new restrictions or capacity limitations

To terminate a provider, please follow the process outlined on the provider roster posted on the Forms page.

The information will be submitted electronically to CareSource PASSE and you will receive an email verifying your requested changes.

The CareSource PASSE Common Roster Template should be completed by large facilities needing to add a large number of providers to their practices.

Note – Changes to your tax ID number or IRS name require an amendment to your contract and cannot be completed through provider maintenance. You can make those changes using the New Health Partner Contract Form.


CareSource PASSE has partnered with BetterDoctor, the Quest Analytics Accuracy solution that outreaches to providers to collect attestations for CareSource PASSE. State and federal regulations require that health plans must validate and update their contracted provider network every 90 days. This process ensures we have the most accurate information for claims payment and provider directories.

To learn more about this collaboration with BetterDoctor, Navigate view the BetterDoctor FAQs.