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We strive to make partnering with us simple. We’re aware things may change in the way we do business with you and want to communicate these changes to you in an efficient manner.

Visit the Updates & Announcements page frequently to find all the latest CareSource PASSE™ news. We share updates regarding:

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General Updates

Navigate ADDT Medicare Primary COB01/08/2024
Navigate Policy Updates January 202401/01/2024
Navigate Electronic Visit Verification Required for Home Health Procedure Codes12/14/2023
Navigate Pharmacy Policy Updates December 202312/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates December 202312/01/2023
Navigate Denial of Claims Based on State File11/15/2023
Navigate Notice of Benefit Change for H2017 Adult Rehabilitative Day Services11/10/2023
Navigate Policy Updates November 202311/01/2023
Navigate Oncology Drug Shortage Notification10/05/2023
Navigate NIA Policy Updates October 202310/01/2023
Navigate Versant Policy Updates - October 202310/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates October 202310/01/2023
Navigate Third Party Liability for Medicare/COBA claims09/13/2023
Navigate Updating Provider Information - Roster Updates09/13/2023
Navigate Provider Prior Authorization Process Enhancement09/05/2023
Navigate Policy Updates September 202309/01/2023
Navigate Independent Reassessment Dates08/08/2023
Navigate Provider Reconsideration Process & Timely Filing Update08/02/2023
Navigate Policy Updates August 202308/01/2023
Navigate August 2023 NIA Policies08/01/2023
Navigate Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation08/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates July 202307/01/2023
Navigate Versant Health Policy Updates - June 202307/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates June 202306/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates May 202305/01/2023
Navigate 340B Pharmacy Claim Modifier Reminder04/14/2023
Navigate Public Health Emergency Ending – Updates to Benefits and Rates04/10/2023
Navigate Ending of Open Network04/07/2023
Navigate Policy Updates April 202304/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates March 202303/01/2023
Navigate 2023 Pharmacy Network Change02/28/2023
Navigate HCBS 1915 (c) and (i) Fee Schedule Updates02/24/2023
Navigate Continuity of Care02/24/2023
Navigate Corrected Claims Mailing Address02/06/2023
Navigate Policy Updates February 202302/01/2023
Navigate Versant Health Policy Updates - January 202301/27/2023
Navigate Ending of Open Network01/06/2023
Navigate Policy Updates January 202301/01/2023

Department of Human Services Announcements