Babies First

Going to the doctor for routine exams is one of the building blocks of good health for you and your baby. The Humana – CareSource® Babies First program helps you do that with rewards for building your good health.

When you sign up for Babies First, you can earn up to $150 in rewards. Just follow these steps:

  1. See your doctor while you are pregnant.
  2. See your doctor for a postpartum exam after your baby is born.
  3. Make sure your child goes to the doctor for all well-child visits. 

Sign up for Babies First and get your MyCareSource Rewards™ card.

You will receive more information about the program with your new card.

Text4Baby: Support for Members During and After Pregnancy

Whether you are expecting your first child or your third, many questions may run through your mind before and after your baby is born, such as:

  • What kind of exercise can I do while I’m pregnant?
  • What are the right things to eat?
  • What changes will I go through during the first few months of being pregnant?
  • Is it OK for my baby to sleep with me in my bed?

Text4Baby can help answer these questions and more. When you sign up, you will get up to three text messages a week right to your cell phone. These text messages are tailored to where you are in your pregnancy. They will also include reminders to choose a pediatrician before your baby is born or make a postpartum visit appointment after delivery. Sign up for Text4Baby today!


Transportation to non-emergency health care appointments may be available from a transportation company near you. To get a list of transportation providers in your area, call the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services (KDMS) at 1-888-941-7433. You can also get the list at the KDMS website.

Eyeglass Frames

You can choose from a large selection of certain stylish eyeglass frames, including wire rim frames. These frames are available, in addition to those approved by Medicaid, at no cost to you. Members age 20 and younger are limited to $400 per calendar year for glasses, with a maximum of $150 paid for one pair of glasses. Frames are not covered for members 21 and older. Ask your vision care provider to show you what frames are covered under Humana – CareSource.