Right to File a Grievance or Appeal

We Want You to be Happy!

We hope you are happy with Humana – CareSource®. If you are dissatisfied with a provider, disagree with a decision we have made, or are  unhappy with something about our health plan, let us know. You or your authorized representative is welcome to contact us.

An authorized representative is someone you choose who can act and speak on your behalf.

In order for Humana – CareSource to talk to your authorized representative, you and your authorized representative must complete the online HIPAA Authorization Form. Or you may Navigatedowload the form and send it to us via fax or mail. Please allow up to 30 days to process the request. You must return the completed form to the same location where you are sending your grievance, appeal or request for an external review.

If you cannot get this form online, you can ask that it be mailed to you by calling Member Services.

If you are not satisfied, you have the right to:

  • File a complaint (also called a grievance)
  • File an appeal
  • Ask for an external review

If you would like to file a grievance or appeal or ask for an external review, visit the links listed on the left under “My Right to File a Grievance or Appeal”. You will find helpful information about what you need to do next.