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Trusted answers and advice for the whole family – including kids and teens!

Watch the video below to see Dr. Seema Csukas, Georgia medical director, and Taura White, director of Member Services, discuss the importance of well-child visits and immunizations.

KidsHealth is a trusted source for health info for the whole family – parents, children and teens. You can get easy-to-read articles, videos, interactive health tools, and doctor-reviewed advice from before birth through the teen years. Check it out!

Video Library

Visit the KidsHealth video library to watch short movies on topics like: Asthma, Diabetes, Medical Tests, Medications, and more! 

Nutrition and Fitness Center

Visit the nutrition and fitness center for info and answers to your questions about food, exercise, sports, and more

Disease Management for Kids and Teens:

Kids and teens may need help if they are dealing with a chronic condition like asthma. Visit the KidsHealth page to find out more.

  • Asthma Center: Asthma keeps more kids home from school than any other long-term health problem. Help your child handle the condition, stay healthy, and stay in school.
  • Diabetes Center: Does your child have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Get help to handle diabetes and keep your child healthy.

Health and Wellness For the Family:

    • Healthy Weight Video: People come in all shapes and sizes. But what makes a healthy weight? Watch this movie and find out!
    • Yoga Videos for Kids: Unwind after a long day at school with yoga for kids and teens!
    • How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label: Nutrition Facts labels, often found on the back of food packages, can be hard to understand. Here’s how to read them. 
    • Learn How to Meditate: Meditation helps us feel connected and grateful for the people in our lives. This is just one of the guided meditations for whole family.
    • Managing Your Weight: Get ideas on food, fitness, and stay motivated. We’ve also got tools and recipes just for teens. 
    • Exercise Log: Tracking your exercise is a great way to stay motivated and reach your goals. 
    • Personal Plan: Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows it can be a struggle. The best way to lose weight is to focus on making small changes that are easy to stick with in the long run. Use our plan to get there!
    • Body Mass Index: Doctors use body mass index (BMI) to compare a child’s growth to other kids of the same age. Here’s how to figure out BMI and know what the numbers mean.

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