Caregiver Forms

These forms allow caregivers to work with CareSource on behalf of their loved ones.

Member Consent/HIPAA Authorization Form

  • Gives permission for CareSource to speak with a caregiver about a member’s medical, payment or protected health information.
  • A CareSource member or appointed representative may complete this form when applicable.

Appointment of Representative Form

An appointed representative is a relative, friend, advocate, provider or other person authorized to act on a member’s behalf in filing a grievance, coverage determination or appeal. Those not authorized under State law to act for the member will need to sign the form and mail it to the addresses below:

  • For medical coverage: CareSource, P.O. Box 1947, Dayton, OH 45401-1947
  • For prescription drug coverage: Express Scripts, c/o Medicare Clinical Appeals, P.O. Box 66588, St. Louis, MO 63166-6588

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