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CareSource RxInnovations has partnered with Express Scripts to help you manage your prescriptions and save money.

CareSource will pay for your prescription drugs and some prescription medical supplies at the pharmacy. Some examples are diabetic supplies, inhaler spacers, peak flow meters, syringes, needles, alcohol wipes and condoms. You will need to get your prescription drugs at a pharmacy that takes CareSource.

Be sure to bring your CareSource ID card with your prescription to the pharmacy. Your ID card will let pharmacies know that CareSource pays for your medicines. If you think you will travel out of state, be sure to fill your prescriptions before you leave.

Many Georgia Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids® members pay a small part of their health care costs, called a copayment. Learn more about pharmacy copays by clicking here.

Do you want to look up your medicine and find out if it is covered by CareSource? It’s easy when you use our Find My Prescriptions tool. This tool will help you learn how to find your medicine.

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