End or Change Membership

We hope you will be happy with CareSource. If you have problems or concerns about your benefits, please call us so we can try to resolve them with you.

However, you do have the right to change to another P4HB® managed care plan in these cases: 

  • During the first 90 days after you enroll with CareSource or you are sent notice of enrollment with CareSource, whichever is later
  • Every 12 months from your date of enrollment
  • When you have a qualified reason to change, such as:
  • Asking to enroll in the same Georgia Families® managed care plan as a family member
  • Asking to enroll in the same P4HB® managed care plan as a family member
  • You need services or providers that are not offered in the CareSource network
  • Poor quality care

For more information, see the Membership Termination chapter of your member handbook.


Redeterminations of eligibility for the P4HB® program are conducted at least every 12 months. 

You will get a note in the mail before the renewal deadline. The renewal date is based on the following:

  • New members – 12 months from the original date of eligibility
  • Existing members – 12 months from the last redetermination date

You will need to confirm your income when you renew. You can use pay stubs to do this. Pay Stubs must be less than 90 days from the renewal deadline.

For more information about P4HB® renewals, visit the P4HB website or call 1-877-744-2101 or 1-877-427-3224.

You can also call CareSource Member Services at 1-855-202-0729 (TTY 1-800-255-0056 or 711).


Women who no longer meet the eligibility criteria outlined for the P4HB® program will be disenrolled from the P4HB® program. These include women who:

  • Become pregnant
  • Receive a sterilization procedure and complete all necessary follow-up
  • Move out of the state
  • Become incarcerated
  • Change income status
  • Become unable to become pregnant
  • Are no longer between the ages of 18-44

You can call Member Services to ask for disenrollment and to get answers on the status of your disenrollment request. If you have questions, please refer to your member handbook or call Member Services at 1-855-202-0729 (TTY: 1-800-255-0056 or 711).