Success Stories

CareSource JobConnect has helped many members find long-term employment and support from area organizations. Here are some of the success stories that members have had with help from CareSource.

Providing More for the Family

A CareSource member in Georgia opted into the life services program to find a job with a better financial outlook for her and her family. She was working at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver but wanted a different job due to the lack of growth opportunities. Her Life Coach could tell that she was very determined and motivated to get a better job. She also mentioned that she wanted to look at possible work-from-home jobs. There were a couple of companies that her Life Coach knew offered those potential employment opportunities.

She found a new job as a customer service representative. Initially, she was excited for the opportunity to have the flexibility of working from home and making more money. A few weeks later, she told her Life Coach that she quit the job due to lack of training. For the next few months, she continued to work at Pizza Hut making just enough to provide for her family. Her breakthrough came when she contacted Aerotech, a staffing company. She was hired as a laser operator at GT Technologies. She expressed joy and excitement in knowing that her working hours could increase based on her schedule. She is getting paid more per hour with the freedom to work overtime when she was available. She made a clear statement to her life coach to highlight her financial situation and future. She told him that, “my children will be having a GREAT Christmas this year and I’m looking at a bigger place to stay”.

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