Success Stories

CareSource JobConnect has helped many members find jobs and support. Here are some of the success stories.

More for the Family

A CareSource member in Georgia joined the life services program. She wanted to find a  better job to support her and her family. She was working at as a pizza delivery driver and wasn’t able to move up. Her Life Coach knew she was ready for a better job. She also mentioned that she wanted to look at possible work-from-home jobs. Her Life Coach knew of a couple of jobs.

 She found a new job as a customer service representative. At the start, she was excited to work from home and make more money. But, a few weeks later, she told her Life Coach she quit. The job did not give her training.  She went back to delivering pizzas. She contacted a staffing company and was hired as a laser operator. She was excited that her hours could increase. She is getting paid more with the freedom to work overtime when she wants. She said, “My children will have a great Christmas and I’m looking at a bigger home.”

Want to learn more?

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