Success Stories

CareSource JobConnect has helped many members find long-term employment and support from area organizations. Here are some of the success stories that members have had with help from CareSource.

Single Mother of Two

A single mother of two young children was working part-time at a local warehouse and looking for full-time employment. She came to a Life Services open house specifically for a job opening at Payless, but heard about the commercial driver’s license (CDL) training available through Sinclair Community College in partnership with Ohio Means Jobs. Two Miami Valley employers, working in partnership with CareSource Life Services, have committed to interview any candidate who passes the written and driving CDL tests. These companies have full-time positions starting at $45,000 per year.

This member decided to continue to work her part-time, temporary position and to apply for the CDL class. Not only was she approved for the class, but she also qualified for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds to take the class. She completed the four weeks of training and passed the written test. She is now working with the instructor to accumulate driving hours and will be taking the driving test in a few months.

This member is meeting with a Life Coach twice a month and working on her plan to obtain full-time employment. The key question is, “What does life look like after subsidies?” It is an on-going process of normalizing unsubsidized living, but this member is getting excited about the possibility.

South African Refugee

A South African refugee has lived in Dayton with his wife and eight children for less than two years. He had not been able to find full-time work, and felt that his limited English and thick accent were keeping him from getting interviews.

His CareSource Life Coach worked with him to tailor his resume to position specific outcomes and to prepare for interviews. Because many employers require testing assessments before granting an interview, the Life Coach advocated to assist with the assessment process. The employer agreed because the position did not rely heavily on fluent English.

The member was offered employment in April and by mid-May the employer made the statement, “Can you find us 50 more guys like him?” Since then, CareSource Life Services has referred six additional members to this employer for similar warehousing positions.

This member participated in monthly coaching and is doing very well on the job. He went from not working to working for $13 per hour with a $.50 shift differential and is getting overtime each week. This member has successfully completed 90 days of employment and is looking at advancement opportunities within the company. He has also paved the way for the employer to consider others from his community even with language barriers.

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