Rewards Programs

CareSource Rewards Member Wellness

CareSource is committed to providing our members with services that help them achieve their health and wellness goals. We believe taking steps to improve health and well-being deserves recognition, and we understand that everyone needs a helping hand.

CareSource rewards Georgia Families® and PeachCare for Kids® members for activities that lead to better health. Members can join our Babies First, Kids First and MyHealth programs and earn rewards for activities like well child visits, prenatal care, annual checkups, flu shots and more. Rewards can be used to purchase health and wellness items, redeemed for gift cards and used for online shopping (activities and redemption options vary by age, gender and health condition of member).

Our providers can encourage their patients to sign up for a wellness reward program by visiting our Member Rewards page. Rewards are paid based on claims data; once members join a reward program, there are no additional forms to fill out.

You can learn more about CareSource reward programs, including all rewardable activities, on a helpful Rewards for Wellness infographic.

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