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We strive to make partnering with us simple. We’re aware things may change in the way we do business with you and want to communicate these changes to you in an efficient manner.

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COVID-19 Updates

Latest UpdatesDate
Navigate COVID-19: At-Home Diagnostic Test Billing Guidance05/13/2022
Navigate COVID-19: Oral Therapy05/02/2022
Navigate COVID-19: Vaccination Billing Resource11/10/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Vaccination Billing ResourceUPDATE07/14/2021
Navigate COVID-19: CareSource Vaccination Billing Guidance03/08/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Vaccination Billing Resource – This notification has been revised. See notification dated 07/14/2021.01/29/2021
Navigate COVID-19: CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Update06/22/2020
Navigate COVID-19: CDC Health Alert on Chloroquine05/28/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Dental Provider Resources04/28/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Telehealth Services04/09/2020
Navigate Protecting Members and Reducing the Spread of COVID-1903/23/2020
Navigate Promoting Telehealth for COVID-1903/23/2020

General Updates

Navigate Quarter 2 Avalon Medical Policy Update11/1/2022
Navigate Policy Updates November 202211/1/2022
Navigate Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center Closure10/31/2022
Navigate Billing Update: Incorrect Billing of Modifier 5810/28/2022
Navigate GA MCD - October 2022 Versant Vision Policies Updates10/01/2022
Navigate CLIA-Waived Tests Update09/15/2022
Navigate Pharmacy Policy Updates - October 202209/12/2022
Navigate Policy Updates September 202209/01/2022
Navigate Policy Updates September 202209/01/2022
Navigate Continuity of Care Billing Guidance Notification08/25/2022
Navigate Life Services Referral Form08/12/2022
Navigate Policy Updates August 202208/01/2022
Navigate We Want to Hear from You!07/15/2022
Navigate OB VBR Program Reminders07/14/2022
Navigate Pharmacy Policy Updates - July 202207/01/2022
Navigate Reimbursement for Automated Tests06/30/2022
Navigate Quarter 2 Avalon Medical Policy Update06/30/2022
Navigate Quarter 2 Avalon Reimbursement Policy Update06/30/2022
Navigate Quarter 3 & 4 Avalon Medical Policy Update06/30/2022
Navigate Semglee Biosimilar Access for Members06/16/2022
Navigate 276/277 Claim Status Inquiry and Response Enhancement06/16/2022
Navigate Upload Claim Submissions Seamlessly in Provider Portal06/13/2022
Navigate Introducing Teladoc, CareSource's New Telehealth Vendor05/31/2022
Navigate Dental Fee Schedule Increases05/31/2022
Navigate Policy Updates June 202205/31/2022
Navigate Updated Dental Provider Resources - Policy Clarifications and Revisions05/26/2022
Navigate Policy Updates - June 202205/23/2022
Navigate Retro Authorization Submission Guidelines Notification05/12/2022
Navigate Evaluation and Management CPT Code Guidance05/12/2022
Navigate Claim Payment Disputes Reminder05/10/2022
Navigate Member Redetermination Reminder05/10/2022
Navigate Policy Updates - May 202205/01/2022
Navigate Billing Update: Chiropractic Unbundling Notification04/29/2022
Navigate Billing Updates: Duplicate Discharge Day Management/ICD-10 7th Character and Therapy Proposal04/12/2022
Navigate Quality Patient Experience Guide (CAHPS resource)04/11/2022
Navigate Maintaining Provider Information in GAMMIS04/06/2022
Navigate Pharmacy Policy Updates - April 202204/01/2022
Navigate Correct Coding Claims Update03/25/2022
Navigate Billing Update: DME Frequency 120 per Month Without Modifier03/14/2022
Navigate Provider Portal Account Linking Enhancement02/21/2022
Navigate Orthotics and Prosthetics Claim02/16/2022
Navigate Policy Updates December 202102/01/2022
Navigate Additional Policy Updates February 202202/01/2022
Navigate Clarification on Dental Electronic Payment Process Change01/21/2022
Navigate UPDATE – Laboratory Benefit Management Program for Genetic Testing Management Implementation12/31/2021
Navigate Prior Authorization Requirement for Non-Participating Laboratory Services12/23/2021
Navigate Orthotics and Prosthetics Claim12/20/2021
Navigate 2021 Quarter 3 Provider Portal Updates12/17/2021
Navigate Phototherapy (Bilirubin) Light with Photometer12/17/2021
Navigate Support For Your Patients – The CareSource Care Management Program11/10/2021
Navigate Members on Basaglar or Lantus transitioning to Semglee11/02/2021
Navigate Policy Updates November 202111/01/2021
Navigate Avalon Provider Education Webinars10/28/2021
Navigate HIPAA CORE Compliant Codes10/25/2021
Navigate 2021-2022 Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Season and Synagis® Criteria10/15/2021
Navigate CareSource Cultural Competency Training10/08/2021
Navigate Policy Updates October 202110/01/2021
Navigate Dental Electronic Payment Process Change10/01/2021
Navigate New Laboratory Benefit Management Program for Genetic Testing Management10/01/2021
Navigate Quality Enhancer Value-Based Reimbursement ProgramUPDATE09/13/2021
Navigate Additional Policy Updates September 202109/01/2021
Navigate Policy Updates September 202109/01/2021
Navigate Updates to Assist with Avalon Laboratory Benefit Management Transition08/31/2021
Navigate Provider Data Impacting Dental Claims08/26/2021
Navigate CareSource Partnership with Avalon Healthcare for Laboratory Benefit Management08/19/2021
Navigate Additional Policy Updates August 202108/01/2021
Navigate Policy Updates August 202108/01/2021
Navigate We Want to Hear From You!07/22/2021
Navigate Synagis Change for RSV Season 2020-202107/19/2021
Navigate How to Reach Your Dental Health Partner Network Manager07/16/2021
Navigate Utilization Management Process07/08/2021
Navigate EPSDT Referral Codes07/02/2021
Navigate Policy Updates July 202107/01/2021
Navigate CMS Interoperability06/24/2021
Navigate Policy Updates June 202106/01/2021
Navigate Prior Authorization Updates05/26/2021
Navigate Maternity Services, Coordination of Benefits (COB)05/19/2021
Navigate Quality Enhancer Value Based Reimbursement ProgramThis notification has been revised. See notification dated 09/13/2021.05/07/2021
Navigate Provider Portal Enhancements05/05/2021
Navigate Additional Policy Updates May 202105/01/2021
Navigate Additional Policy Updates May 202105/01/2021
Navigate Policy Updates May 202105/01/2021
Navigate Utilization Review, Care Management Organizations, and Adverse Actions 04/27/2021
Navigate Equian Process Frequently Asked Questions04/27/2021
Navigate Annual Access & Availability Standard Requirements03/11/2021
Navigate 2020 Quarter 4 Provider Portal Updates03/11/2021
Navigate CareSource – Quarterly Town Hall Meeting03/04/2021
Navigate Policy Updates March 202103/01/2021
Navigate Reminder to Check Member Eligibility02/02/2021
Navigate HIPAA Exchange of Information02/01/2021
Navigate Policy Updates February 202102/01/2021
Navigate Updated Dental Provider Resources - Policy Clarifications and Revisions01/07/2021
Navigate UPDATE - Prior Authorization Requirements01/05/2021
Navigate SolarWinds Cyberattack01/04/2021