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Enroll in Healthy Indiana Plan

Hoosiers enrolled in Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) can choose CareSource for health care coverage. 

The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) is a health-insurance program for low income Hoosiers ages 19 to 64, with benefits that include hospital care, mental and behavioral health services, substance abuse treatment, maternity care, doctor visits and prescriptions.

HIP members pay an affordable monthly fee called a POWER Account Contribution (PAC)*, which is based on income.  HIP Plus gives members the best value since there are no added out-of-pocket costs unless you visit the emergency room for a non-emergency. Plus, CareSource offers incentives that reward members for taking steps to improve their health.

At CareSource, we understand there is more to health and well-being than just great health care. That’s why we provide our members with extra help and benefits.


  • JobConnect: Help finding a job, including coaching, training and interview prep. CareSource can also help with childcare and transportation during your job search and after you start a new job.
  • Babies First: An incentive program that rewards pregnant and new mothers with up to $200 in gift cards for healthy habits. Gift cards can be used for baby items, women’s care, family planning, wellness items and everyday health needs.
  • Rewards for wellness: Members can earn up to $300 in rewards for taking steps to stop smoking, get help with addiction, manage chronic conditions and finding a job.
  • Vision and dental care, including checkups, teeth cleanings and eyeglasses.
  • Chiropractic care, up to six visits per year (starting 02/01/2018).
  • CareSource Mobile App: Provides access to member ID card, “how-to” videos and a quick search for doctors.
  • Low-cost prescription drugs, including all medically-necessary Medicaid-covered medications.
  • CareSource24®: Our 24/7/365 Nurse Advice Line.
  • Disease management programs for asthma, ADHD, autism, behavioral health, chronic kidney disease and many more
  • Case Managers who can assist with housing, medical equipment, utilities and other urgent basic needs.
  • SafeLink Free Cell Phone Program (for eligible members) to contact CareSource24® and the Customer Care Advocacy Team.
  • Medication Therapy Management: One-on-one medication review and consultation with your pharmacist to ensure your medications are appropriate and safest for your health care needs.
  • Express Banking®: A bank account from Fifth Third Bank with no monthly service charge, no balance requirement, no overdraft fees and a debit card for purchases.

Questions about the benefits CareSource provides HIP members? Give us a call at 1-800-607-2829 (TTY:1-800-743-3333). Our hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm. We’re happy to help!

*If HIP Members do not make their PAC, their benefits could be transitioned to HIP Basic. This means members will have out of pocket costs (copays) for doctor visits and prescriptions.  If members earn over 138% of the poverty level and do not make their PAC, they could lose their benefits altogether.

CareSource covers Indiana!

Hoosiers ages 19 to 64 may qualify for the Healthy Indiana Plan if household size and income fall within certain guidelines.

Helpful links:

For questions about eligibility, to choose CareSource, or to enroll in HIP, call 1-877-GET-HIP9 (1-877-438-4479).

Applications for the Healthy Indiana Plan can be filled out online through the FSSA Benefits Portal, by mail or in person at your local Division of Family Resources (DFR) office.

For more information on how to enroll, or to get help finding your local DFR office, call 1-877-GET-HIP9 (1-877-438-4479).