Program Areas

Strategy: Bridging the Gap to Better Care

Goal: To improve health equity, health outcomes and health literacy in communities where CareSource members reside.

Priority #1: Support Health Education and Promote Healthy Habits

Health education, disease management, and prevention programs that promote healthy behaviors and meaningfully improve physical and mental health for targeted populations. 

Priority #2: Improve Maternal, Infant and Child Health

Programs that promote healthy births and enable vulnerable newborns, children and parents to thrive. 

Strategy: Build Healthy Communities

Goal: To create a vibrant community people want to live, work and play to attract and retain top talent, drive economic growth, and help residents lead healthy lives.

Priority #3: Neighborhood and Downtown Redevelopment

We invest in transformative programs and partnerships that help revive and rebuild healthy, thriving neighborhoods, reduce health inequities, and create economic opportunity for vulnerable populations in Dayton and the communities we serve nationwide.

Priority #4: 21st Century Workforce Development

We invest in effective, inclusive P20 programs and initiatives that prepare and cultivate the next generation of professionals and foster a high-quality, diverse workforce.

Across all four priority focus areas, we give strong consideration to:

  • Organizations and ideas that demonstrate exceptional potential for making a difference in one or more of the Foundation’s four priority areas.
  • Innovative approaches that will contribute valuable examples, information, and knowledge to others working in the field
  • Strong program design with clearly defined outcomes and specific indicators for assessing and evaluating progress. Please review the descriptions of our priority focus areas before submitting a grant application.

If you are interested in applying for a CareSource Foundation grant, please refer to the How to Apply page.