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CareSource offers more benefits than basic Medicare. Our CareSource Dual Advantage™ (HMO D-SNP), is designed to provide you with the best care and save you money.

You may find out more about your benefits and services by reviewing the Summary of Benefits or the Evidence of Coverage. These and other helpful documents are available on our Plan Documents page.

2023 Benefit Highlights

    • $0 Copay for Primary Care Visits. At CareSource, we believe the best way for you to stay healthy and worry-free is to see your doctor regularly – not just when you need to. So, we make sure it’s easy to afford. Our CareSource Dual Advantage plan offers $0 copays to visit your primary care provider (PCP).
    • Preventive Services with $0 Copay. Our CareSource Dual Advantage plan covers many preventive services such as yearly wellness visits, mammograms, vaccines and more with no copay!
    • LOW Rx Copays. To add to your savings, our copays for medications are low. $0 copayment for many generic drugs! That includes the most frequently prescribed medications. Use the Find My Prescriptions tool at Navigate to Navigate to to verify coverage and check the costs of drugs and some supplies.
    • Dental Benefits. You can get dental exams and cleanings every six months — with no copays! Plus, our CareSource Dual Advantage plan offers preventive and comprehensive dental benefits, including coverage for dentures, extractions implants and root canals. To start using your dental benefits of up to $3,000 a year, you can find a DentaQuest® dental provider near you. Visit You can also call DentaQuest at 1-855-209-3945 (TTY: 711).
    • Vision. Isn’t it nice to know that your plan includes coverage for eye exams? Vision coverage through EyeMed® includes a $300 annual allowance for glasses or contacts and a zero cost eye exam. You can find an in-network provider by using EyeMed’s Provider Locator tool on the EyeMed member site at or by calling 1-866-299-1425 (TTY: 711).
    • Hearing. Hearing exams are covered, too! To use your hearing benefits of $1,000 per ear, contact TruHearing®at 1-833-759-6826 (TTY: 711). Need a follow up visit? We cover an unlimited number of follow up visits as well!
    • Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefits. Receive a quarterly benefit for OTC products to use with your FlexCard at participating retailers or order online, by phone or by mail. Use this $310 benefit to pay for commonly used items! Please visit for more information related to this benefit or to download an OTC catalog.
    • Silver&Fit® Healthy Aging and Fitness Program. The Silver&Fit® program offers you access to thousands of fitness centers and select YMCAs. If you prefer to exercise at home, the Silver&Fit Home Fitness program also allows you to request one home fitness kit per year (some kits include a Fitbit® or Garmin® Wearable Fitness Tracker) at no additional cost to you. Visit or call 1-877-427-4788 (TTY: 711) for more information and to get started.
    • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). A personal emergency response system (PERS) is available at no cost to you. PERS provides you a way to get help in the event of an emergency such as a fall in your home. With a push of a button, you can connect with a 24-hour staffed call center. An experienced care specialist will quickly contact emergency services, caregivers or loved ones to get you the help you need. To receive a PERS device, contact your Care Manager or Member Services.
    • Brain Health & Memory Benefit through BrainHQ®. BrainHQ® provides the exercise your brain needs to be at its sharpest. Think of it as a personal gym where you exercise your memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, navigation, intelligence and more! With over 30 years of development and research, BrainHQ offers cognitive training that’s completely tailored to you. BrainHQ can be accessed using a computer or mobile device. Visit or call 1-877-573-3067 Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
    • Solera Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP). MDPP services are covered for eligible Medicare beneficiaries under all Medicare health plans. CareSource partners with Solera Health to help identify qualified members and enroll them in a MDPP program in their area.  MDPP is a structured health behavior change intervention that provides practical training in long-term dietary change, increased physical activity, and problem solving strategies for overcoming challenges to sustaining weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. To see if you qualify, visit or call 1-844-612-2948 (TTY: 711), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Meal Delivery. Meal benefits include two meals per day for 14 days after an acute inpatient hospital discharge or observation.
    • Transportation. We want to help you get where you need to go! You can receive 60 rides to health care appointments or to pick up prescriptions. Please call Member Services for support at least 48 hours (two business days) before you need a ride. If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest ER.

This information is not a complete description of benefits. Call 1-833-230-2020 (TTY: 711) for more information.