Depression Toolkit

CareSource understands the importance of integrating physical and behavioral health care for seamless coordination of care across the health care continuum. We also understand there can be challenges when coordinating care across different specialties. We are committed to addressing the physical and behavioral health concerns of our members so that their underlying needs are met.

We have developed this toolkit to empower both primary care and behavioral health providers in everyday practice to address members’ unmet needs. This toolkit provides downloadable resources and practical tools that you can use in your everyday practice as you strive to make mental health education and screening a priority with your patients.

Depression Information Resources

Explore these informational resources about the different types of depression to gain a better understanding of the condition and how it impacts members.

Depression Screening and Assessments

We encourage you to download and implement the following screening tools in your practice and utilize with patients for depression when they present with symptoms. These tools can be used to aid in the initial evaluation process to proactively identify the presence of depression. Using these tools can help make the decision to refer to a behavioral health provider more efficiently.

For depression related to pregnancy and postpartum: