Patient Care

At CareSource®, everything we do is centered on improving the lives of our members – your patients.

Our Patient Care webpages provide information and resources that help us work together to provide the best care for our members.

  • Primary Care Provider Roles & Responsibilities – Review the roles and responsibilities that are expected of a CareSource primary care provider.
  • Patient Administration – Access the administrative procedures you need to provide patient care.
  • Care & Disease Management – Learn how our care and disease management programs can help those experiencing complex physical health, behavioral health, or psychosocial conditions.
  • Behavioral Health – Find behavioral health resources for patients with mental health, substance use and co-occurring medical issues.
  • Pharmacy – Learn about covered drugs, specialty medications, prior authorization and more about prescribing medications for your patients.
  • Dental – Access dental resources and dental benefit information.
  • Health Care Links – Reference nationally recognized clinical practice and preventive health guidelines from CareSource.
  • Utilization Management – View our utilization management activities including prior authorization, concurrent review, discharge planning and other activities.
  • Human Papillova Virus (HPV) Education Letter – Discover the importance of vaccinating adolescents against HPV and how to reduce the cancer burden in Indiana through increased prevention.

Right Choices Program (RCP)

The RCP monitors utilization of Indiana Medicaid members who have been identified as over-utilizing or inappropriately using Medicaid services. The goal of the RCP is to provide quality health care through education and intervention that includes restrictions to specific physicians, pharmacy, and hospital providers (lock-in providers). The RCP manages member utilization through intensive member education and case management.

If you would like to refer someone to be considered for the RCP, please email the lockin program and provide the following information:

  • Member’s name
  • Member’s date of birth
  • Member’s CareSource ID number