School Based Health Programs

Children in classroom answering questions

CareSource works to develop and enhance relationships with schools, local providers and community partners in underserved areas throughout the state.

Through collaboration, the overall wellness of youth is improved by providing resources and implementing quality health initiatives in schools.

Telebehavioral Health Projects

At CareSource®, we understand that our members need care where they are located. We have implemented patient and provider health care technology with solutions like telemedicine solutions in schools.

  • Telebehavioral health program in Orleans Junior and Senior High School – In partnership with Indiana University Health, CareSource helps these youth contact a telemedicine behavioral health provider without leaving school.
  • Patient Telehealth program in Batesville Primary School – In collaboration with Margaret Mary Health, the Ripley County Community Foundation, and IRHA, CareSource established a solution to deliver medical care for students without the need to miss school. The students will now receive enhanced access to medical care through new high-tech telehealth centers.
  • Behavioral Health – CareSource is working with a behavioral health provider to imbed a specialist within a school full-time.

Becoming a Partner in Innovation

Developing new programs to better serve our members and our community is a core value of our mission. CareSource is committed to partnering with Indiana schools and the health partners in the CareSource network to create innovative solutions allowing for better care of our members.

To support equitable treatment and care for all individuals, CareSource offers in-school services to all students – not just CareSource members. For us to operationalize these programs, we must partner with the schools as well as the medical and behavioral health providers in the area.

If you are interested in bringing these services into a school in your area, we can collaborate on solutions to address gaps in care or access and increase health outcomes. CareSource understands funding is a constraint for most great ideas. To assist in overcoming that barrier, we can help cover the cost to build the infrastructure needed. CareSource has demonstrated success in existing programs and can share those tools with you; or, tailor a program to meet the unique needs of students within your community.

How it works

Each community is different and requires individualized programs. The first step in working with CareSource is to contact the School Based Health Administrator within Indiana. You can reach out to your Provider Engagement Specialist to be connected to the School-Based Health Administrator, who can meet with you in-person or by telephone to talk about your needs and how CareSource can help.