Updates & Announcements

We strive to make partnering with us simple. We’re aware things may change in the way we do business with you and want to communicate these changes to you in an efficient manner.

Visit the Updates & Announcements page frequently to find all the latest CareSource news. We share updates regarding:

  • Pharmacy information, including our Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs)
  • Medical, pharmacy, reimbursement and administrative policies
  • Authorization requirements as communicated through network notifications below

The files below are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here.

NavigateNeonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Prior AuthorizationUPDATE12/30/2019
NavigatePharmacy Network Change (Walgreens)12/11/2019
NavigateRegister with New Payment Partner ECHO Health by December 13, 2019UPDATE12/02/2019
NavigateAuthorizations for Advanced Life Support (ALS) Policy Update12/02/2019
NavigateDecember 2019 Policy Release12/01/2019
NavigateOccurrence Code Reminder11/12/2019
NavigateNewborn Billing Timely Filing Limit11/06/2019
NavigateAdditional Policy Updates - November 201911/01/2019
NavigateAdditional Policy Update - November 201911/01/2019
NavigateNovember 2019 Policy Release11/01/2019
NavigateRegister with New Payment Partner ECHO Health by December 1, 2019This notification has been revised. See notification dated 12/02/201910/08/2019
NavigateCoding Guidelines for NewbornsUPDATE10/03/2019
NavigateNotification of Pregnancy (NOP) Initiative10/01/2019
NavigateUpdate to UB-04 Billing Requirements10/01/2019
NavigateSkyGen Portal Clarification Notification10/01/2019
NavigatePolicy Updates October 201910/01/2019
NavigateMulti-Factor Authentication Scheduled for SKYGEN CWP09/24/2019
NavigateRevenue Code 760 Update09/24/2019
NavigateLead Screening for Children 09/13/2019
NavigateUpdates to Disposable Insulin Delivery Device Billing Instructions09/11/2019
NavigateMedicaid Midlevel Billing GuidanceUPDATE08/30/2019
NavigateCoordination of Benefits (COB) Reminder08/23/2019
NavigateReminder - Authorization Requirements for Ancillary Providers08/08/2019
NavigateUpdated Billing Guidance08/01/2019
NavigateRegister with New Payment Partner ECHO Health by October 25 – This notification has been updated. Please see the notification dated 10/08/1907/31/2019
NavigateSelf-Referral Vision Services to Out-of-Network Providers07/31/2019
NavigateIndiana Medicaid Provider Manual Now Available07/22/2019
NavigateDuplicate Modifiers on a Claim Service Line07/17/2019
NavigateBehavioral Health Profile Update07/11/2019
NavigateInpatient Hospital Pre-payment Claims Reviews07/01/2019
NavigateSite of Care Transition06/30/2019
NavigateTimely Claims Filing Update06/26/2019
NavigateMedicaid Midlevel Billing GuidanceThis notification has been updated. Please see the notification dated 8/30/201906/17/2019
NavigateProvider Dispute Process06/14/2019
NavigateAccess Standards Update06/13/2019
NavigatePolicy Updates June 201905/31/2019
NavigateRevenue Code Guidance05/23/2019
NavigatePost-Payment Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) Validation Audits05/20/2019
NavigateRetrospective Authorizations for Advanced Life Support (ALS)05/15/2019
NavigateApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Rate Setting05/08/2019
NavigateFast Track Notification Forms04/17/2019
NavigateEmergency Room Auto-Pay Reimbursement04/12/2019
NavigateInterventions to Prevent Perinatal Depression03/26/2019
NavigateHigh Dollar ClaimsThis notification has been revised. See notification dated 01/28/202003/26/2019
NavigatePlace of Service Code for Claim Submissions03/20/2019
NavigatePolicy Updates May 201903/01/2019
NavigateSterilization Consent Form Update02/25/2019
NavigateIntensive Outpatient & Partial Hospitalization Program Authorization Requirements02/20/2019
NavigatePolicy Updates April 201902/01/2019
NavigateNotice of Changes to Retro Prior Authorization Timeframe Requirements01/30/2019
NavigateDiagnosis Related Group (DRG) Validation Audits01/29/2019
NavigateCoding Guidelines for Newborns – This notification has been updated. Please see the notification dated 10/03/201901/17/2019
NavigateMedicaid Timely Filing Change01/08/2019