David Donohue, President, Arkansas Market – CareSource PASSE™

David Donahue 2022

David Donohue is the President of CareSource’s Arkansas Market, CareSource PASSE™. Prior to joining CareSource, David served as the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Medicaid plan with WellSense Health Plan where he led state operations. David’s dedication to Arkansas extends back to the launch of the Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity.

David has extensive experience in the behavioral health field, most recently helping to create and design a community-based youth emergency department diversion program to address a boarding crisis that was affecting young Medicaid members in New Hampshire.

He also supported the launch managed care programs for both traditional and complex populations across the country. His previous work includes helping to develop specialized programs for people with Intellectual and Development Disabilities, Crisis Programs and Value-Based arrangements for a variety of provider-types.

Community involvement is a priority for David and he regularly supports organizations focused on eliminating food insecurity and improving health equity.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from Ball State University and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.