Sharing Data Between Health Plans (Payer to Payer Data Exchange)

CareSource can get your clinical health data from your previous health plan if you are a current member. This gives us a more complete record of your care. It also makes it easier for us to help you get the care you need. Log into your My CareSource® account to submit your request. After you fill out the form, we will contact your previous plan and ask them to share your data with us. If your previous health plan is not listed as an option in the form, we are not able to share data with that health plan yet. Private insurance companies may not be able to share with us at this time. Call Member Services at the number on your ID card if you have questions.

If you are a former member and left our plan in the last five years, we can share your CareSource data with your new plan. You will need to ask your current plan to request your data from CareSource. We must have record of your consent to share your information on file before we will share your data. Former members can still log into My CareSource and complete the online form to give consent.