Find A Pharmacy

Find a Pharmacy near you by using the search tool below.

Simply type in your address and follow the prompts. If you think you will travel out of state, be sure to fill your prescriptions before you leave.

Please present your ID card with your prescription to the pharmacy. Your ID card will let pharmacies know that CareSource pays for your medicines.

The CareSource Marketplace Drug Formulary shows the drugs covered by your plan.

Here are some more important facts about CareSource prescription drug coverage:

  • You have to go to a pharmacy that takes CareSource Marketplace to get your prescriptions filled.
  • You will need to show your ID card and your prescription at the pharmacy. Your ID card will let pharmacies know you are a CareSource Marketplace member.
  • You may have copayments, a deductible, and/or coinsurance for your prescriptions, depending on your plan.
  • Some medicines may have limits on how much can be dispensed to you at one time.
  • Some medicines may require you try another medicine first before CareSource will cover it. This is called Step Therapy.
  • Some medicines require permission (prior authorization) in order for it to be covered by your plan. The health partner who orders the drug should help you get a prior authorization. The prior authorization requirements for your medicines may change.