Quick Start Steps for New Members

(or Their Parents/Guardians)

Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • Put your ID card in your wallet. Use it each time you use your health care benefits.
  • Review your Humana – CareSource member handbook (English or Spanish) to learn about your Humana – CareSource benefits. Refer back to it before you use your benefits if you have questions. Note your benefit start date on your welcome letter.
  • Make sure the health care providers you plan to use are in the Humana – CareSource network. In most cases, Humana – CareSource does not pay for charges from providers that are not part of our network. You can use the Find a Doctor/Provider search tool to find:
    • Your primary care provider (PCP)
    • Any specialists you expect to see
    • Your hospital
  • Visit My CareSource and set up your personal online account. You will need your member ID number from your ID card or new member kit welcome letter. You’ll also need to enter a secure password. You can use your My CareSource account to change your doctor, ask for a new ID card, view claims and plan details, update your contact information and choose the way you would like for us to communicate with you. 
    • Choose your communication preference. Tell us how you want us to send you information: by regular mail, email or text. You will be prompted to make these choices the first time you log in to your My CareSource account. If you choose email or text, you will get an email or text notifying you to check your My CareSource account to receive your message.
    • Choose or change your PCP.
    • Complete the Health Risk Assessment.

Special Circumstances

      • Do you regularly take prescription medications? If so, make sure these medicines are on the Humana – CareSource drug list. Check the drug list to see if they require approval from Humana – CareSource before they can be filled. 
      • Do you have an ongoing medical condition, such as pregnancy, diabetes or asthma? If you have a condition and think you may benefit from extra support from Humana – CareSource call Member Services to ask about our Care Management or Disease Management programs.
      • Do you have a medical procedure planned or treatment underway? If so, call Member Services right away (before the procedure/treatment).

Time for a Checkup?

If it has been more than a year since you have had a checkup from your current PCP or you are choosing a new PCP, we recommend you schedule a checkup — even if you are not sick. Children may need well-visit checkups more frequently depending on their age. It lets your doctor assess how to help you get and stay healthy and recommend any preventive care needed. If you are a new patient, it establishes you as that doctor’s patient so that you can get appointments faster if you get sick or injured.