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CareSource plans offer more benefits than basic Medicare. Our Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans provide you with all the benefits of Part A and Part B, plus prescription drug coverage (Part D). These Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans are designed to provide you with the best care and save you money.

You may find out more about your benefits and services by reviewing the Summary of Benefits or the Evidence of Coverage. These and other helpful documents are available on our Plan Documents page.

2020 Benefit Highlights

  • $0-$10 Copay for Primary Care Visits. At CareSource, we believe the best way for you to stay healthy and worry free is to see your doctor regularly – not only just when you need to. So, we make sure it’s easy to afford. Our CareSource Advantage plan offers a $0 copay to visit your primary care provider (PCP). CareSource Advantage Zero Premium has a $10 copay for PCP visits.
  • Preventive Services with $0 Copay. CareSource Medicare Advantage plans cover many preventive services such as yearly “wellness” visits, mammograms, vaccines and more with no copay!
  • Rx Copays as LOW as $0. To add to your savings, our copays for medications are really low…as low as $0 for medications sent to your home through mail $4 for CareSource Advantage and $5 for CareSource Zero Premium plans. That includes the most frequently prescribed medications.
  • Dental Benefits. You can get dental exams and cleanings every six months — with no copays! Plus, our CareSource Advantage plan offers comprehensive dental benefits, including coverage for dentures, extractions and root canals.
  • Vision and Hearing. Isn’t it nice to know that your plan includes coverage for hearing and eye exams? Hearing benefits include $1,000 allowance per ear for hearing aids through a Choice Discount Program. Vision benefits cover eye exams, glasses and contacts.
  • The Silver&Fit® Exercise & Healthy Aging Program. You can get fit at your local fitness center or in the comfort of your own home. Our plans include a variety of participating fitness centers across the country, at no additional cost to you. Or you may choose to receive up to two home fitness kits with videos and equipment to get you moving at no additional cost.

2020 Plan Premiums, Deductibles and Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limits

CareSource Advantage Zero Premium CareSource Advantage
Monthly Premium$0$40
Medical Deductible$0$0
Prescription Drug Deductible$150$30
Annual Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limit (In-Network)$6,700$4,600

This information is not a complete description of benefits. Call 1-844-607-2827 (TTY: 1-800-750-0750 or 711) for more information.

Information about benefits and services for the 2019 plan year can be found in the 2019 Summary of Benefits, 2019 Evidence of Coverage and other documents on the Plan Documents page.