Past Updates & Announcements

Our network notifications will help you stay aware of any changes to policies and procedures that may impact your practice, as well as any new processes to make doing business with us more efficient.

We will keep you updated through email, announcements posted on the Provider Portal and network notifications posted below.

Network notifications are published for Humana – CareSource® health partners to communicate updates that impact claims, clinical guidelines, Provider Portal functions and more.

The links below are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here.

2019Date Posted
Navigate Humana – CareSource Dental Provider Transition Announcement12/05/2019
Navigate Colorectal Cancer Screening Policy11/18/2019
Navigate Enhancements to Delivery and Newborn Notifications11/06/2019
Navigate Paid Claims Listings to be Posted on the Provider Portal09/24/2019
Navigate Register with New Payment Partner ECHO Health by December 18, 201909/19/2019
Navigate Paid Claims Listings to be Posted on Provider Portal08/12/2019
Navigate Humana - CareSource Provider Transition Announcement07/18/2019
Navigate Duplicate Modifiers on a Claim Service Line07/17/2019
Navigate Beacon Health Options Phone Number Reminder07/15/2019
Navigate Change to Urine Drug Testing Policy Implementation07/02/2019
Navigate Policy Updates July 201907/01/2019
Navigate Humana CareSource Outpatient Imaging Program Provider Education Webinars05/29/2019
Navigate Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application (MPPA) Newsletter05/28/2019
Navigate Notice of Updates to the Kentucky Medicaid Provider Manual05/15/2019
Navigate Change to Prior Authorization Requirements for Outpatient Imaging Services05/14/2019
Navigate Provider Information Change Updates05/13/2019
Navigate Place of Service Code for Claim Submissions05/13/2019
Navigate Notice of Changes to Retro Prior Authorization Timeframe Requirements05/01/2019
Navigate Infusion Drugs Reimbursement 04/17/2019
Navigate Policy Updates April 2019 – PARTIALLY POSTPONED: See 7/2/2019 notification for details.04/01/2019
Navigate Member Involuntary Dismissal03/29/2019  
Navigate Emergency Care Reminder03/25/2019
Navigate Pregnancy Risk Assessment Form03/14/2019
Navigate Kentucky HEALTH Provider Webinar Announcement03/01/2019
Navigate Policy Updates May 201903/01/2019
Navigate PO Box Update02/22/2019
Navigate New External Review Request Fax Number02/19/2019
Navigate FQHC and RHC Billing Requirement Change - UPDATE02/01/2019
Navigate UPDATE – Change in Claim Timely Filing, Claim Appeal and Retrospective Review Time Frames01/09/2019
Navigate Change in Claim Timely Filing, Claim Appeal and Retrospective Review Timeframes12/29/2017
Navigate Revised Provider Manual Available Now, Effective December 1, 201712/12/2017
Navigate Early Elective Deliveries (EED) Prior to 39 Weeks Gestation11/28/2017
Navigate Provider Demographic Information Required by CMS11/15/2017
Navigate PY-0158 Glycosylated Hemoglobin A1C Reimbursement Policy11/1/2017
Navigate Blood Lead Testing Recommendations10/23/2017
Navigate New Claim Filing Requirements for Ordering, Referring or Prescribing Providers09/13/2017
Navigate Notification of New KDMS Process to Add, Update or Change NPI, Taxonomy or Both08/25/2017
Navigate Provider Information Change07/21/2017
Navigate Billing Humana – CareSource for Medicare Non-Covered Codes07/06/2017
Navigate Cite AutoAuth – Inpatient PA Requests07/05/2017
Navigate Retro-Termed Eligibility Process – Voiding of Claims and EncountersUPDATE06/22/2017
Navigate Third Party Liability (TPL)/Coordination of Benefits (COB) Avenues to Obtain Information06/22/2017
Navigate Kentucky Health Information Exchange05/15/2017
Navigate Kentucky Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program04/10/2017
Navigate Retro-Termed Eligibility Process – Voiding of Claims and EncountersSee notification dated 06/22/201701/17/2017
Navigate Cite AutoAuth Expansion for Inpatient Authorizations12/15/2016
Navigate Podiatry & Dental 10-Day Quantity Limit for Prescribing Opioids11/04/2016
Navigate Notice of Medical Documentation Requirements for Claim Modifiers10/12/2016
Navigate Curbing Opioid Overdose with Naloxone09/20/2016
Navigate Pregnant Women, Travel and the Zika Virus09/14/2016
Navigate Claims Recoupment When Medicare is Primary08/31/2016
Navigate Antipsychotic Medication Prescriptions08/10/2016
Navigate Member Access Standards07/18/2016
Navigate Home Infusion Therapy Prior Authorization Requirements, Pharmacy Criteria and Billing Guidelines07/12/2016
Navigate Change in LCD Procedure Code Edits06/07/2016
Navigate Guidelines for Submitting Claims for Dual-eligible Members05/26/2016
Navigate Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads Reminder05/23/2016
Navigate Members' Rights and ResponsibilitiesUPDATE05/02/2016
Navigate Medical Necessity Criteria for Prior Authorization Requests04/27/2016
Navigate Medical Record Network NoticeUPDATE03/14/2016
Navigate Requirements for Corrected Claims Submissions03/02/2016
Navigate Improvements to Prior Authorization and Other Procedures02/09/2016
Navigate Members’ Rights and ResponsibilitiesSee notification dated 05/02/201602/04/2016
Navigate Member Address Mismatch Disenrollment01/28/2016
Navigate Behavioral Health PCP Toolkit01/11/2016
Navigate ICD-10 Claims Code Qualifiers12/21/2015
Navigate Provider Guidelines for Antipsychotic, Antidepressant Prescriptions11/24/2015
Navigate ICD-10 Coding Resources11/06/2015
Navigate New Facility Code Edits for Claims11/04/2015
Navigate Medical Record Network NoticeSee notification dated 03/14/201610/02/2015
Navigate Advance Directives09/24/2015
Navigate CMS and AMA Issue FAQs to Clarify ICD-10 Preparation Guidance09/21/2015
Navigate CMS “Road to 10” Offers Tips to Prepare for ICD-1009/02/2015
Navigate CMS Offers Video and Quick Start Guide for ICD-10 Transition09/01/2015
Navigate Behavioral Health Claims Information08/24/2015
Navigate Revised Clinical Supporting Documentation Policy08/06/2015
Navigate ICD-10 Transition Resources Reminder07/13/2015
Navigate ICD-10 Readiness Assessment07/13/2015
Navigate Clinical Guidelines Update for Pediatrics07/13/2015
Navigate Primary Care Rate Increase (PCRI)/Adjusted Rate Ending 05/27/2015
Navigate New Requirement for Wheelchair Claims05/12/2015
Navigate ICD-10 Transition Tips04/30/2015
Navigate Dental Benefit Changes / Extraction Codes04/27/2015
Navigate Electronic Submission of Coordination of Benefits (COB) Claims04/13/2015
Navigate EDI Submission of Corrected Claims03/10/2015
Navigate ICD-10 Training Needs and Provider Checklist03/04/2015
Navigate Kentucky Medicaid Claim Forms For Different Provider Types Reminder02/26/2015
Navigate Clarification on Processes for Behavioral Health Network01/13/2015
Navigate Seven Day and 30-Day Follow-up After Hospitalization for Mental Illness12/17/2014
Navigate Chiropractic Claim Coding and Medical Necessity12/05/2014
Navigate Kentucky Lock-in Program10/14/2014
Navigate Provider ID Requirements for Paper Claim Forms09/25/2014
Navigate Coordination of Dental and Orthodontic Benefits08/28/2014
Navigate Provider ID Requirements for Paper Claim FormsSee notification dated 09/25/201406/24/2014
Navigate Delegated Network Information05/07/2014
Navigate Behavioral Health Expanded Services04/21/2014
Navigate New Speech Therapy Codes for EPSDT04/07/2014
Navigate No Copayments for Members03/27/2014
Navigate Delegated Network InformationSee notification dated 05/07/201403/12/2014
Navigate Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities - Importance of PRTF II03/11/2014
Navigate KDMS Announces New and Revised Essential Benefits for 2014; Humana – CareSource Will Continue With NO COPAYS03/04/2014
Navigate KentuckyOne Health™ PAR/In Network02/26/2014
Navigate Nonparticipating Provider Payment Policy02/18/2014
Navigate ICD-10 Provider Readiness Assessment SurveyDeadline extended to February 10, 201402/05/2014
Navigate ICD-10 Provider Readiness Assessment Survey01/24/2014
Navigate New Facility Code Edits for Hospital Claims01/14/2014