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Managing Health Conditions
Managing Health Conditions

Empowered to Manage Your Health

As the patient, you have the most important role in managing your health care. When you take an active part in making decisions, you’re more likely to have better health outcomes. But to make better decisions, you need to be well informed. Check out the following reliable resources for managing your health.

Firsthand Medical Expertise

At MayoClinic.com, more than 3,300 Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers share their expertise to help you manage your health and medical conditions.


The Latest Health News & Trends

WebMD covers health topics from A to Z, offering information on drugs and supplements, as well as the latest health news and trends.


Complex Medical Conditions Translated

The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook is known for taking complex medical information and translating it into easy-to-understand language.


Not sure if you should see the doctor? Call your primary doctor’s office and ask for guidance. After evaluating your symptoms, they will let you know if an appointment is necessary. When it comes to routine checkups, follow your plan guidelines.