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Sound familiar? We’ve all had that experience when we realize we missed an important meeting or appointment. With so many things going on and schedules so busy, it’s amazing we don’t miss more. Since we can’t promise to help simplify your life, we’ve collected techniques and tools to help keep track of it.


As with starting an exercise program, keeping track of appointments is about discipline, or committing to a behavior, and practice. Here are 4Cs that we’ve found useful. They’re really not breaking news, but they are good reminders.

Commit. Decide on your reminder mechanism. It can be as simple as a basic pocket calendar to more high tech, such as a smartphone calendar or app. And then stick with it. If you have many doctors’ appointments, find an app that’s specific for that. Or if you have a lot of varied commitments, perhaps the calendar function that comes with the phone is more useful.

Capture. Be diligent about writing down or logging appointments as soon as you schedule them. You can also use the reminder or alert functionality of your phone to give yourself a heads-up whenever you prefer—from minutes before to a few days ahead so you can make arrangements in advance for work or childcare.

Check. Make sure you make a habit of checking your phone or calendar on a regular basis. Some people find that checking it before bed works best, but (speaking from experience!) be sure to look far enough ahead to accommodate and make arrangements.

Continue. Habits take time to establish, so be sure to repeat this behavior. It’s okay to decide to switch mechanisms, but try to stick with each approach long enough to give it a chance. If you keep switching, you may make yourself more frantic.