Eating During Pregnancy

What should I eat? What should I avoid? Am I really eating for two? And why am I thinking about ice cream all the time? At CareSource, we know you have all kinds of questions. And we want to help you find good answers. By making nutrition a priority during pregnancy, you can help give your baby a healthy start in life. So pick up a fork and start reading!

Good Nutrition Makes a Difference

Fortunately, good nutrition for pregnancy is as simple as choosing high-calcium foods, fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors, high-fiber foods, good sources of iron, and taking a prenatal vitamin every day (for nutritional insurance). You’ll also want to avoid alcohol and limit your use of caffeine (including soda).

Pregnant women need about 300 more calories a day. However, it is important to make those calories count with good, nutritious foods. Learn more about Pregnancy CravingsEating During Pregnancy, and Nutrients You Need.