Eating Healthy

Trying to figure out what’s “healthy” to eat can be a little confusing — well, very confusing. HAP CareSource MI Health Link wants to help clear things up. These tools and resources can help you sort it all out. You might even have a little fun along the way.

The Food Pyramid is Now Choose My Plate

If you grew up with the food pyramid, you might not be familiar with this new approach. Here’s one version of how the guidelines have been brought to life.

Nutrition and Fitness Center

Visit the Nutrition and Fitness Center for information and advice on food, exercise, sports. Find answers to your questions about nutrition and fitness. To learn more visit:

Nutrition Help for Parents

If you are a parent, it often comes down to you to put healthy food on the table. Here are some great recipes, tips, fact sheets and videos that will make your life a little easier.

More Help Getting Started

Take a look at all the other information and tools that can help you make sense of nutrition. You’ll learn a little about the five food groups, how to read a nutrition label and how to spot an oversized food portion.

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