Where To Get Care

We make it easy for you to find a doctor, hearing provider, pharmacy and dentist. It’s always a good idea to call the doctor’s office first. You can confirm they accept your plan and are taking new patients.  

Primary Care Provider (PCP)TelehealthConvenience Care ClinicsUrgent CareHospital Emergency Room

For routine care, common illnesses and advice. You should see your PCP the most often!

Speak to a doctor by phone or computer from wherever you are. You can also talk to a doctor 24/7 through Teladoc. Call 1-800-835-2362 or visit Teladoc.com/CareSource to get started.

See health care providers inside local drug and  grocery stores. Use for common  illnesses and advice if your PCP is not available.

When your PCP is not available and your  condition or injury cannot wait.

For life-threatening issues or when you need help  right away.

Find a doctor, hearing provider or pharmacy

Use our Find a Doctor/Provider search tool to find a network provider or care location near you. Use the filters in the right column to find providers in network for your plan, as well as search by specialty and more.

Visit the Plan Documents page to view the provider directory.

Find a dentist

Find a dentist  in your network. Dental coverage is for HAP CareSource Healthy Michigan Plan and pregnant women.


Telehealth is when you use your phone, computer or tablet to speak to a provider. Telehealth is a convenient option for care and may lower your chance of being exposed to illnesses like the flu. It can also give you quick medical advice that can prevent your condition from getting worse. There is no cost to use telehealth. It also removes the stress of needing rides to and from the doctor’s office.

Your PCP may offer telehealth services on your phone or computer. You can talk to your PCP from wherever you are. Please check with your PCP for available options. Learn more about the options HAP CareSource offers for telehealth visits.

24-Hour Nurse Advice Line

24-Hour Nurse Advice Line provides around-the-clock access to a caring and experienced staff of registered nurses.

Our nurses can help you:

  • Decide when self-care, a doctor visit or the emergency room is needed
  • Understand a medical condition or recent diagnosis
  • Find out more about prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines

You can call our 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call 1-833-687-7370 (833-NURSE-70). The number is also on your HAP CareSource member ID card.