Learn How HAP CareSource Supports the Communities We Serve

Giving back to communities across Michigan is at the heart of HAP CareSource’s corporate culture. Through the giving of our time, donations, and sponsorships, we proudly support nonprofit organizations that assist the underserved in the areas of Social Determinates of Health (SDoH).

  • We provide coats and warm weather gear for thousands of kids in Detroit Public Schools.
  • We make the holidays merrier for families in the Detroit and Flint areas.
  • We work to feed those with food insecurities in Southeast and Mid-Michigan, and we help connect our members with community resources so they can live a better life.

Beyond our corporate giving, HAP CareSource employees often team up to contribute our time, talents and money to important causes in the communities where we live and work. So, whether we’re packing lunches at the Noah Project or Cass Community Social Services in Detroit, or helping to build a home with Habitat for Humanity in Flint or fixing bleachers at Belle Isle, chances are you’ll see us in your neighborhood.


We support a wide range of civic and service organizations through financial, in-kind and volunteer contributions. Our focus is to advance the causes of nonprofit organizations that promote:

  • Housing opportunities
  • Job training / workforce development
  • Food insecurity assistance
  • Access to quality health care
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion in underserved communities

Decisions for sponsorship are based on meeting criteria related to this focus and our overall corporate mission.


Civic Leadership

HAP CareSource leaders are also active in our community. They serve on boards for organizations with commitments to improve community health and well-being and to reduce health disparities. As advocates for community health, they’re in our neighborhoods walking the talk – they run 5Ks, chair health-related events and help people navigate the complex health plan landscape.

Request one of our leaders to speak at your meeting, conference or event.

Submit A Donation Request

HAP CareSource is proud to be a partner in our community whether hosting local health fairs and seminars, healthy eating programs, or helping seniors and youth reach healthier goals. HAP CareSource is here for you when your group needs added support to make the most of your outreach through our donation program.

Who We Support Through Donations

HAP CareSource proudly supports Michigan-based nonprofit organizations that assist the underserved in the areas of Social Determinates of Health (SDoH). Our support also includes provider partner programs that impact the local community. Some examples of these are:

  • Health, wellness and human services
    • Health education fairs or seminars, food and nutrition projects, projects to support the homeless, physical fitness, enrichment programs, etc.
  • Civic and community development and diversity
    • Mentoring, guidance development, cultural awareness, volunteerism, financial self-sufficiency, neighborhood beautification, housing and more.
  • Educational programs
    • Reading, language, early childhood education, vocational training, higher education workforce development training and more.
  • Arts and cultural events
    • Concerts, festivals, community celebrations, etc.
  • Health care provider partner programs that impact the community:
    • FQHC (federally qualified health centers)
    • MHPs (maternal/infant health programs)

HAP CareSource Isn’t Able to Offer Donation Support To:

  • Religious groups for faith purposes
  • Political parties, groups or events
  • Routine operating funds for groups
  • Persons seeking individual scholarships
  • Individual school events or student trips (public, private, charter or other)
  • National or global groups that don’t support our local area
  • Multi-year funding requests

What Do I Need Before Starting My Request?

  • W-9 form for your organization
  • Sponsorship packet materials
  • Project details
    • Date, time, place
  • What you need from HAP CareSource
  • How the community and HAP CareSource will benefit

We need demographics about your organization and project so we can settle on the level of support you may be able to receive. Missing or invalid data could hold up a decision on your request.

Submitting A Donation Request

If this is your first donation request with HAP CareSource, click the link below to create an account. Once you create your account, you’ll be led through the application steps.


If you’ve sent a request in the past, you will log in with your existing username and password. Click the link below to enter your previously created login credentials.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some helpful hints for sending a request?
    • When sending your request, be sure to tell us how your program is unique. Give some data on your organization and the people you serve. We love to hear stories of how the community benefits from what you’re doing.

      Don’t forget to tell us how HAP CareSource would benefit from supporting your project in terms of sponsorship, recognition or volunteer opportunities.

      In short: requests that are complete and compelling are much more likely to be funded than those that basically say: “This is our biggest event of the year…”

  • How far ahead should I send a request?
    • Please send your request 8-12 weeks in advance of your event, when possible.
  • How long does it take to get an answer?
    • Please allow 2-4 weeks for HAP CareSource to review your request and give feedback.