Behavioral Health

We know that good health means more than just taking care of physical needs. That’s why HAP CareSource offers mental health services (also called behavioral health) and substance use services as a core part of your benefits. This means that you can get counseling and other mental health treatment from your HAP CareSource health plan.

HAP CareSource Covers Services to Help You with Mental Health or Substance Use

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug use, we provide treatment and counseling options to help you through difficult times in your life. We believe in recovery. We believe that treatment works. These are just a few of the services we provide to take care of you.

Services for You:

Substance Use ServicesTreatment options to help you with substance use.
Assessments & ScreeningsTools to help you and your providers find areas you may need help with to improve your health and well-being.
AutismBehavioral help for children on the autism spectrum.
CounselingIndividual, family and group sessions to talk it out.
DetoxificationTreatment to help with your substance use.
Opioid treatmentOpioid treatment, including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT); specialized medications and therapy for maintenance and detoxification.
PsychiatryAdvanced therapy and medications to treat your behavioral health condition.
Residential treatmentLive-in recovery treatment for mental illness or drug dependence.

This is not a full list of benefits. See your Member Handbook or call Member Services to learn more.

Find a Provider

In our Find a Doctor/Provider tool you will find a variety of health professionals including marriage and family therapists, substance use counselors, social workers, community mental health centers and more in the HAP CareSource network.

If you have a Care Manager, give them a call. A Care Manager can help you find the resources you need to be healthy.

Not sure what to do? Call our 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line at 1-833-687-7370 (833-NURSE-70). If you feel you are in a crisis or emergency situation, call 911.

Member Services: 1-833-230-2053 (TTY: 711), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are You Feeling Depressed or Hopeless? GET HELP NOW!

We can help you find care and support if you are having suicidal thoughts or have conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, dementia, ADHD or autism. For help day or night, call our 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line at 1-833-687-7370 (833-NURSE-70).

If you feel you are in a crisis or emergency situation, call 911. You can also call the Crisis Text Line or text HOME to 741741 to get help.

Are You Suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Problem? GET HELP NOW!

If you would like to make changes in your life like limiting alcohol use or stopping drug use, we can help. The path to recovery starts here. When you are ready for treatment, it’s important to start right away. Click here for next steps.

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