Rewards Programs

HAP CareSource™ Rewards Member Wellness

HAP CareSource is committed to providing our members with services that help them achieve their health and wellness goals. We believe taking steps to improve health and well-being deserves recognition, and we understand that everyone needs a helping hand.

HAP CareSource rewards Medicaid members for activities that lead to better health. Members can earn rewards for activities like well child visits, prenatal and postpartum care, annual checkups and dental visits and more.

Our providers can encourage their patients to get applicable services and earn rewards based on the chart below. Rewards are paid based on claims data. Members get rewarded automatically. They will receive a voucher for the value of the rewards they earn. They can redeem rewards online or by mail for their choice of a gift card from national retailers.

ServiceReward AmountAge CriteriaRequirements for Reward

Child and Adolescent Services

Infant Well Visits (6 visits)


Birth – 14 months old

Earn up to 6 rewards within specific age criteria

Infant Well Visits (2 visits)


15 months – 2 years old

Earn up to 2 rewards within specific age criteria

Well Child & Adolescent


*Not going into effect until 2024

3 – 21 years old

One visit per year

If You Are Pregnant

Prenatal Visit


All ages

Complete at least one visit within the first 3 months of pregnancy or within 42 days of becoming a HAP CareSource member

Postpartum Visit


22 years and older

Complete at least one visit between 7-84 days after having your baby

Adult Preventive Services

Annual Doctor Visit


22 years and older

One visit per year

Dental Service – Health Michigan Plan Members

Annual Dental Visits


No age criteria

One visit per year