Why You Should Join the TrueCare Health Network

TrueCare is dedicated to ensuring high-quality care for Mississippi members by maintaining strong relationships with Mississippi providers. TrueCare is powered by its strategic alliance with CareSource – a nationally recognized managed care organization with more than 30 years of Medicaid managed-care experience, a not-for-profit mission, and unique member-centric focus.

By combining TrueCare’s local, provider-centric heritage with CareSource’s extensive managed-care experience, we are different than your average managed care organization. TrueCare brings the strength of a national leader in quality and operational excellence while also bringing the local, clinical perspective of Mississippi hospitals and health systems to the table. This approach drives value as our providers are invested in delivering positive health outcomes at the point of care for vulnerable Mississippians, while also effectively managing costs.

For more information, take a look at our Navigate Partner with Purpose contracting brochure. This resource reviews our services and operations.

Locally Owned and Provider-Driven

TrueCare is a Mississippi non-profit, provider-sponsored health plan formed by a coalition of Mississippi hospitals and health systems throughout the state and supported by CareSource’s national leadership in quality and operational excellence. TrueCare offers locally based provider services through provider engagement representatives and customer care. Our sole mission is to improve the health of Mississippians by leveraging local physician experience to inform decision-making, aligning incentives, using data more effectively, and reducing friction between the delivery and financing of health care. By doing so, TrueCare will change the way health care is delivered in Mississippi.

CareSource – An Industry Leader in Operational Excellence

CareSource is among the best in the nation at meeting and exceeding state and federal claims payment metrics. Through an ongoing emphasis on getting things right the first time, CareSource ranks among industry leaders in operational efficiency. This reduces administration work for your practice, allowing more time for patient care.. 


Days Pending Claim Volume Receipts on Hand

Claims Aged over 30 Days

Non-Paper Claims Aged over 30 Days

Claims Systematically Processed Without Manual Intervention

Claim Payment Financial Accuracy Rate

How to Join the TrueCare Network

It is simple to start the process to join the TrueCare network.

Whether you are just beginning or have already submitted a signed letter of intent, the next step is to fill out the New Health Partner Contract Form.

Join Our Network

How to Check Your Contracting Status

Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Please save this email, as it will contain your Application ID. You can check your application status on the Provider Portal. You will need to enter your National Provider Identifier (NPI) and Application ID to view your status.

Contacting TrueCare

We hope to hear from you soon! If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us by calling 1-833-230-2110 or emailing us.

CareSource Foundation - 2021 Mississippi Grant Challenge

TrueCare Receives Notice of Intent to Award Statewide Medicaid Contract in Mississippi

TrueCare received notice of the intent to award a contract for the statewide administration of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid Coordinated Care Organization Program, which consists of the Mississippi Coordinated Access Network (MississippiCAN) and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). TrueCare also ranked highest overall among all offerors evaluated by the state.

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