CareSource Expert Weighs in on Redetermination in Indiana

July 12th, 2022 | 2 min read

Woman listening to large headphones

Over the last several months, listeners of the Minority Health Matters podcast have heard CareSource experts provide input on health topics including mental health, how to best address the baby formula shortage and the importance of acquiring key immunizations. This month, Jessie Rockhill from CareSource speaks with Host Troy Julien to discuss redetermination, the annual eligibility review process the state of Indiana conducts for Medicaid members.

“The federal public health emergency that was enacted at the beginning of the pandemic temporarily suspended redetermination so everyone stayed covered over the past two years. Once the emergency ends, anyone who has received Medicaid benefits for the first time during COVID-19 may not realize they have to submit information to the state each year to maintain their coverage,” said Rockhill. “When the time comes, both the state and CareSource remind members of what they need to do during redetermination through the mail, through text and email about 45 days prior to the date that information is due.”

The full episode can be heard below.

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