The CareSource Reentry Program Sees Positive Results

April 22nd, 2020 | 3 min read

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Across the country, formerly incarcerated individuals face a myriad of issues when they reintegrate into the community. Research suggests the reentry population faces a 12.5 times greater risk of death in the first two weeks post-release. CareSource Reentry Program™, a pilot program in Indiana, addresses the disproportionate chronic health needs, complex behavioral health needs and significant social determinants of health from pre-release up to 90 days post discharge. 

Reentry Pilot Program by the Numbers

Since 2018, CareSource has recorded that participants in the Reentry program are:

  • 20% more likely to obtain a behavioral health visit within a year,
  • 30% more likely to receive appropriate follow up after behavioral health hospitalization, and
  • 20% more likely to obtain a preventative visit within a year.

"This program is making an impact is because we have a dedicated team focused on offender education and post-release care coordination,” said Dr. Cameual Wright, medical director at CareSource Indiana. “Everything from expungement to active outreach after discharge, we make sure participants in the pilot have a plan to support reaching the goal of self-sufficiency."

CareSource Indiana Leverages Partnerships

CareSource engages with the offender in three phases: Prerelease Referral, Reentry Team Services and Additional Post Release Services. Each step of the way, CareSource's care management teams works to assess and address health, well-being and social needs

"CareSource supports transitions back into the community by leveraging internal and community partner resources," said Steve Smitherman, president of CareSource Indiana. "We work in conjunction with over 30 community partners to serve the needs of returning citizens while collaborating with CareSource JobConnect, the division of CareSource that identifies and addresses obstacles to attaining and retaining long-term employment and self-sufficiency."

Additionally, CareSource is actively working with the Indiana Department of Corrections to deliver digital content to offenders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reentry Pilot Program in Action

After six years of incarceration, William Granger* met CareSource's JobConnect Life Coach Lakeisha Woods who began to build a rapport with him. William's shared with Woods that his ultimate goal was to make an honest living. If he could make enough money to support himself, he wouldn't be tempted by the fast money of the drug business.

Woods began coaching William on the A-B-C path:

  • Any Job,
  • Better Job, and
  • Career.

"Any Job" came easily enough, but it wasn't a livable wage and the working conditions were poor.  Woods worked with him on his resume and his soft skills.

With effective coaching and wraparound support, William landed a "Better Job," making much higher wages with employer-sponsored benefits. He works long days but he loves it. Woods continues to coach him, and together they are looking at vocational trainings that earn certifications in Indiana's hottest industries.

"I've accomplished most of the goals I've set for myself," said William. "I want to take care of my mom in her golden years. I want to make her proud."

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*Name changed to protect member privacy.