CareSource Joins Ohio Business Roundtable in New Coalition

December 9th, 2020 | 2 min read


As one of the largest companies in the Dayton region, CareSource has joined the “Coalition to Stop the Spread.” Led by the Ohio Business Roundtable, the Coalition is a collaboration of businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Its goal is to mobilize a grassroots effort by  Ohioans to fight a pandemic that’s crippling our economy and wreaking havoc on our families.

“It would be an understatement to say we are concerned about the risk that COVID-19 presents to our businesses, our employees, our medical professionals and our communities,” said Pat Tiberi, President and CEO of Ohio Business Roundtable in a statement. “We all have a common interest: a strong Ohio economy underpinned by strong Ohio employers.”

The government and public health officials can’t do it alone. Employers have a voice in protecting our economy and our livelihoods from this threat. Collectively, Ohio organizations employ more than 5 million individuals. Many CEOs and business leaders have worked hard to make their workplaces safe for employees and the public.  

From the beginning of the pandemic, CareSource has acted with employee health and safety in mind. We have 4,500 employees—most of those are here in Ohio—and since March we have been almost entirely working from home. CareSource employees will be back in the offices again, but not until we can do it safely.  

“At CareSource, we’re asking our employees to lead by example,” said Erhardt Preitauer, president and CEO of CareSource. “Using the toolkit that the Coalition has provided, we’ll be giving our employees resources so that they can take the message back to their family and friends. As a health care company, we’re naturally oriented to think about the health and wellness of our communities and we have an opportunity to be role models.”

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