CareSource Leaders Share Supportive Employment Strategies in Arkansas

September 14th, 2022 | 1 min read

Arkansas Association of People Supporting Employment APSE Conference 2022

CareSource and CareSource PASSETM leaders supporting people with developmental disabilities and complex needs recently shared their expertise with attendees of the Seventh Biennial Employment First Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hosted by the Arkansas Association of People Supporting Employment (APSE), the conference focuses on promoting policies and practices that lead to competitive, integrated employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.  

Solomon Parker, Stacie Williams, Amy Johns and Brett Chumley discussed how to support Arkansawyers moving toward competitive integrated employment.

“Anyone, including individuals with significant disabilities, who wants to work should have the opportunity for meaningful work at competitive wages in an integrated setting. This is central to a sense of purpose experienced by all Americans” said Solomon Parker, Director of I/DD Programs at CareSource. “We must partner with states, advocacy groups, service providers, and persons with disabilities to support Employment First initiatives.”

The team shared CareSource’s approach to investing in evidence-based practices like customized and supported employment to improve member socioeconomic and health outcomes. This framework serves as a strategy to break down barriers to competitive integrated employment. The presentation highlighted CareSource’s desire to work with all stakeholders to view the member’s needs from a holistic perspective.