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CareSource Military & Veterans Prepares to Enter a New Line of Business

October 28th, 2022 | 2 min read

Doctor looking at woman in military uniform while she talks and points to her arm

The Dayton Business Journal recently featured in a cover story that CareSource intends to enter a new line of business – providing clinical staffing to the military through contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense.

“We know military members and veterans face unique challenges when navigating the health care system for themselves and their families,” said Richard Topping, president of CareSource Military & Veterans. “Deployments, relocations and demands for mission readiness are just some of the factors that can impact care. CareSource’s extensive experience in providing care that drives quality up and costs down will help veterans, active-duty members and their families navigate the complex health system and improve their well-being.”

The expiring contract for the Medical Q – Coded Services (MQS) presents a new opportunity for CareSource. The Department of Defense's unified medical program represented $50.6 billion, or 8% of total 2019 U.S. military spending.

CareSource intends to acquire an organization that employs physicians, nurses and other clinical professionals to serve in military hospitals, clinics and other DoD facilities. The clinicians will fill the gaps between what active-duty medical servicemembers provide and the total health care needs of the military community and veterans.

The bids will be made this fall and the rollout will begin in November of 2023.

Read the full story on the Dayton Business Journal website.