CareSource named winner of Governor’s 2023 Inclusive Employer Award

November 1st, 2023 | 3 min read

CS OOD Award

CareSource announced they have received the 2023 Governor's Inclusive Employer Award for their inclusivity to individuals with disabilities in their workplaces. Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) director Kevin L. Miller presented CareSource leaders with their award during an event at the CareSource corporate office in Dayton.

"We want you to be examples for other businesses," Miller said at the gathering. Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities works with approximately 40,000 people with disabilities. Approximately 1.7 million Ohioans have a disability.

CareSource demonstrated its outstanding efforts for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities through its Alliance for Disability Empowerment Employee Resource Group where members work to foster an inclusive environment and advocate through education and volunteering. CareSource has also enhanced their website’s accessibility and trained staff on reasonable accommodations. These initiatives showcase CareSource’s dedication to creating an inclusive and accessible environment, setting a remarkable example for other employers.

“We’re proud of this award. A testament to CareSource’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity,” said Erhardt Preitauer, president and CEO of CareSource. “This recognition fuels our determination to empower employees and members with disabilities, and we’re excited to push boundaries with the support of our state partners.”

The award, which was established in one of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's first executive orders when he took office, is scored on a rubric of 20 questions, he said, which cover hiring practices, training standards, and workplace accommodations. CareSource's efforts toward inclusivity include its Alliance for Disability Empowerment Employee Resource Group where members offer education and volunteering. They also train staff on reasonable accommodations.

“Congratulations to CareSource,” said Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. “By recognizing the value that skilled workers with disabilities offer and creating workplaces where all Ohioans can thrive, they have set powerful examples of what it means to leave no Ohioan behind.”

As OOD Employer Partners, CareSource has participated in opportunities to facilitate the hiring of OOD job seekers, educational sessions hosted by OOD, and events including an Employer Spotlight on open positions and In-Demand Jobs Weeks.

"Creating an inclusive environment within CareSource, makes us a better organization. It makes us stronger," added Preitauer.  "It's not about inclusivity. It's about a rich organization that is able to embrace and serve broad different populations."

“We appreciate how CareSource has made a commitment to hiring people with disabilities,” said Jon Husted, Ohio Lieutenant Governor.  “CareSource has actively committed to disability inclusion and that is evident with their involvement with the Disability Empowerment Employee Resource Group, which provides valuable training for leaders and Human Resources staff. Congratulations to all at CareSource.”