CareSource Uses Digital Engagement to Increase COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

October 6th, 2021 | 2 min read

Man looking at phone

CareSource’s Digital Engagement team was recently honored with mPulse Mobile’s “Best Use of Conversational AI” award. On Thursday, mPulse Mobile announced the winners of the award during the Activate 2021 Conference. The award recognizes campaigns that use artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce friction and improve the consumer experience.

In April 2021, the Digital Engagement team launched the CareSource COVID-19 activate solution to 664,000 vaccine-eligible members in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Through the utilization of mPulse mobile’s conversational AI platform, a survey and video link were sent to members who were subsequently segmented into personas. The personas were assigned according to each member’s responses on statements regarding COVID-19 vaccines – Ready, Unsure, and Non-Believer. Tailored messages were then sent to members each week to educate, answer questions, dispel myths and move the members toward vaccine acceptance. Of 107,000 members who were initially labelled as “unsure” about the vaccines, 57,000 were moved to a “ready” persona. There were 127,000 members originally classified as “non-believers”, and 839 were moved to “ready” and 216 were moved to “unsure”. These numbers proved that the initiative was working to change behaviors and attitudes.   

The campaign featured multi-media elements, including a video to improve engagement. Customizing content to the persona empowered all members to engage with vital messages regardless of reading level or learning style preference.

Sarah Chapman, Director, Digital Strategy congratulated the team by saying, “This award acknowledges your effort and is a real proof point that finding creative ways to automate can increase satisfaction and support a retail level of digital experience.”  

mPulse Mobile is a technology platform using conversational AI to enable health care organizations to interact with members in an impactful way.