Employee calls new Diabetes Marketplace Plan ‘life changing’

January 19th, 2024 | 3 min read

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DAYTON, Ohio (CARESOURCE) - Brittani Farley, an IT Business Manager II at CareSource, has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was diagnosed at 8 years old during a routine physical exam to join pee wee cheerleading.

“I like to tell people that I remember not having it,” said Brittani, “That transition from not needing to take an insulin shot every time I eat, or stopping to check my blood sugar before I did anything as a kid… it was a challenge.”

Thankfully, Brittani has never faced this challenge alone.Brittani Pullquote It's wonderful to see

As a kid, Brittani’s parents were her ‘diabetes MVPs’, often staying up late into the night to monitor her insulin intake. Now 29 years old, Brittani’s husband, Cody, has become her rock and diabetes support system. Beyond making her feel loved and comforted, Cody helps monitor Brittani’s diabetes, alerting her when her blood glucose levels need attention.

Access to consistent, quality health care will always be crucial for Brittani. Her diabetes puts her at risk of developing serious complications that could damage the health of her eyes, kidneys, hands, and feet. Additionally, without proper health insurance coverage, managing Brittani’s diabetes could quickly become an enormous financial burden.

In the wake of CareSource announcing its new Marketplace plan specifically made to benefit diabetic members, Brittani believes she is uniquely poised to appreciate just how big of a difference a plan like this will make in the life of a diabetic member.

“If my family had had something like this, it would have been absolutely life changing,” she said.

Not only does CareSource’s new plan cover standard medical supplies like insulin, pumps, and blood glucose monitors, but it also offers benefits to help members treat, monitor, and prevent side effects of the chronic disease. According to Brittani, “Somebody obviously did their research.”

“I was really impressed with the fact that the plans also cover the eye and kidney screenings, physical therapy, and foot care. Diabetes can affect other portions of your body so even if your blood sugar is well maintained, you still have a higher risk of something happening, like losing your eyesight or getting an infection in your foot.”

Brittani praised CareSource for taking strides to protect the health and wellness of its members. She believes that, because of these plans, CareSource will be remembered as being on the right side of history.

“This has been a political topic for so long; to ensure people with diabetes have access to these types of things for free, or at low cost. It's wonderful to see that CareSource, in my opinion, is doing the right thing.”

To learn more about CareSource’s new diabetes insurance plan, click here.