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New video highlights groundbreaking features of CareSource HealthAlliance

July 11th, 2023 | 6 min read

Kansas Statehouse

CareSource HealthAlliance is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to revolutionize health care and support systems in Kansas. InterHab, the Children’s Alliance, the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas and CareSource Kansas will compete in the upcoming procurement to serve KanCare members and positively transform the health care experience for vulnerable Kansans.

CareSource HealthAlliance uniquely combines CareSource — a national leader in nonprofit managed care with 30+ years of experience — with three prominent and well-respected statewide organizations with deep Kansas roots. InterHab, the Children’s Alliance, the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas and CareSource Kansas will collaborate to offer KanCare 3.0 recipients an innovative and unique Medicaid health plan option focused on the whole person.

Who is CareSource HealthAlliance?


CareSource is a nonprofit, nationally recognized managed care organization with over 2.3 million members. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio since its founding in 1989, CareSource administers one of the largest Medicaid managed care plans in the U.S. The organization offers health insurance, including Medicaid, Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicare products. As a mission-driven organization, CareSource diverges in its investment approach by allocating resources to medical care and reinvesting earnings back into the communities they serve. This reinvestment takes the form of enhanced benefits, Life Services® and contributions through the CareSource Foundation.

CareSource Kansas was established to provide programs and products within the state of Kansas. In 2021, CareSource opened an office in Topeka with the aim of introducing a distinctive member-centric model to Medicaid members enrolled in KanCare. The organization has already awarded nearly $500,000 to community-based organizations combating food insecurity, offering workforce development programming, supporting Kansans who need complex medical care and fighting poverty.

CareSource HealthAlliance Partners

The CareSource HealthAlliance partners are InterHab, the Children's Alliance of Kansas, the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas and CareSource Kansas.

CareSource HealthAlliance intends to offer KanCare 3.0 recipients a Medicaid health plan option focused on clinical and network innovation while addressing social determinants of health. All three provider organizations will collectively guide CareSource HealthAlliance in the areas of model of care, access to care and operational excellence while ensuring a high level of quality through transparency and accountability.


InterHab is a nonprofit organization that has dedicated over 50 years to enhancing the well-being of individuals in Kansas who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Together, InterHab and CareSource are developing a model of care that presents an opportunity for the rest of the country to witness a truly modernized I/DD system, one that addresses longstanding issues and provides a path forward for greater participation and improved well-being for CareSource HealthAlliance members.

The Children's Alliance of Kansas

The Children's Alliance of Kansas actively supports children and families through its dedication to advocacy, networking and education. Their key role in CareSource HealthAlliance creates a streamlined approach to delivering enhanced health care services to children and families in foster care.

This new strategy addresses a range of needs required by families, including support for mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual and developmental disability. By adopting a holistic perspective, CareSource HealthAlliance allows for comprehensive health care for the entire family.

The Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas

The ACMHCK is an organization that advocates for the welfare of community mental health centers in Kansas and represents and supports local mental health authorities and the individuals who depend on their services.

The primary goals of the ACMHCK include legislative representation, leadership and professional education, showcasing model practices and programs and resource identification. Recognizing an opportunity within the state's Medicaid program, ACMHCK aims to establish a unique health plan that prioritizes addressing social determinants of health and preventive care. Their objective is to improve health outcomes for a vulnerable population while simultaneously creating the most exceptional health care service delivery system in the country.

How will this benefit Kansans?

Addressing Social Determinants of Health

The approach taken by CareSource HealthAlliance goes beyond the traditional payer-provider relationship, recognizing and accounting for the impact of various factors on an individual's health, including community dynamics and external perspectives on relational health. For example, CareSource understands that if members have a poor quality of life, they will likely have poor health, as well, which was the motivation behind their Life Services® program. To date, this innovative program has led to a 21% decrease in emergency department utilization.

By partnering with InterHab, the Children’s Alliance of Kansas and ACMHCK, who focus on various social factors, CareSource HealthAlliance ensures a holistic approach to health care, considering the whole person rather than a singular factor. This emphasis is crucial in helping individuals along their health journey, and is proven to result in improved health outcomes.

Navigating a Complex System

“With CareSource HealthAlliance, we have the ability to give a voice and a choice to the people who are impacted by managed care, from the member level, to the provider level, to the community level.

- Dr. Sandra Berg

The challenges faced by families and children navigating the health care system have been documented for decades. By providing the right tools and support, including telehealth options and a focus on local resources, CareSource HealthAlliance aims to simplify the process and empower individuals to access the care they need. This includes the developmental stages of children and understanding the unique complexities they face, as well as those with geographical disadvantages. By taking a personalized and modernized approach, the CareSource HealthAlliance team ensures that health care can be reached by the most vulnerable populations in Kansas.

Operational Excellence

CareSource goes beyond the fundamental tasks of answering phones and paying claims, leaning on their Midwestern values to differentiate the company from others in the market. CareSource is happy to rely on this approach, as statistics show that members respond positively, consistently choosing CareSource over other plans — a testament to the company’s high value on patient outcomes.

Additionally, CareSource maintains an active presence in local communities and fosters collaborative partnerships with community-based and faith-based organizations, further enhancing the care experience for CareSource members. Through this community-centered perspective, CareSource reduces administrative burdens and makes it easier to do business together.

  • 90% of claims paid in 10 days
  • 100% of claims paid in 30 days
  • 0 claims backlog

The CareSource HealthAlliance is a collaborative effort to transform health care and community support systems in Kansas. By embracing innovation, prioritizing social determinants of health and focusing on the specific needs of vulnerable populations, CareSource HealthAlliance will reduce health care costs while enhancing access to care and improving health outcomes.

The Children’s Alliance, InterHab, the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas and CareSource Kansas intend to offer KanCare 3.0 recipients a health plan option focused on clinical innovations and network transformation while addressing social determinants of health.